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Professional and Avocational Awards: 

NEWS RELEASE: Early announcement of those receiving recognition by AAS for Professional and Avocational Archaeology in 2017 later this year was made by Glenda Simmons in June via e-blast.

2017 AAS Professional Archaeologist Award - Alan Ferg

2017 AAS Avocational Archaeologist Award - Betty Higgins

Alan Ferg who amongst his many AAS accomplishments included the selection, the editing and the distribution of the Arizona Archaeologist publication series for many years, is the winner of the AAS Professional Archaeologist Award. The award will be presented to Alan at a later date (to be announced)

Betty Higgins, a member of the Yavapai Chapter, is the well deserved winner of the 2017 AAS Avocational Archaeologist Award. Her award will be presented at the AAS Annual Meeting, October 28, 2017, at the Pueblo Grande Museum, Phoenix, Arizona.

Our thanks and many congratulations are extended to both of these well deserved winners.

Glenda A. Simmons, 2014/2017 AAS State Chair


2016 AAS Professional Archaeologist Award


Dr. David Abbott

2016 AAS Professional Archaeologist Award Recipient

The Arizona Archaeology Society sincerely congratulates Dr. David Abbott as the recipient of the 2016 AAS Professional Archaeologist Award.  Dr. Abbott exemplifies the purpose of this award.  His research and analysis of ceramics in the prehistoric central and southern Arizona regions have made major contributions to the knowledge of the culture and economy of the Hohokam, its neighboring regions and its sophisticated level of specialization and trade; and it has significantly altered the previous understanding and long-held assumptions by archaeologists in the Southwest.  He has worked closely with the Desert Foothills Chapter of the Arizona Archeological Society on several ceramics analysis projects over the years.  He has written sections of four different AAS publications.  He was the keynote speaker at the January 20, 2007 AAS State Meeting where his topic was “Ceramics in Perspective: The Hohokam Regional Economy during the Sedentary and Classic Periods” and has been the speaker on numerous occasions at AAS Chapter Meetings.

Dr. Abbott has worked primarily with the Desert Foothills Chapter of AAS but his projects have also included members of other AAS chapters.  His provided training in ceramic analysis gave chapter members the opportunity to participate in significant research projects that have greatly increased the understanding of prehistoric archaeology in the central Arizona region of the Southwest.

Dr. Abbott was presented with his award at the Arizona Archaeological Council’s Annual Meeting, on Friday, November 18, 2016, at the Museum of Natural History in Mesa, Arizona.  

Glenda A. Simmons, 2014/2016 AAS State Chair

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Note: Belt buckle at right is part of the recognition for AAS Professional Archaeologist of the year in addition to the plaque.


2016 AAS Avocational Archaeologist Award


Jim Britton

2016 AAS Avocational Archaeologist Award Recipient

The Arizona Archaeology Society sincerely congratulates Jim Britton as the recipient of the 2016 AAS Avocational Archaeologist Award. Joining AAS in 1988, Jim has completed many AAS certification classes.  He is now an AAS Certified Instructor for the Stabilization and Reconstruction Course (2001 to present).  His area of expertise is adobe and lime mortar preservation and stabilization.  He has organized and presented stabilization workshops during 1997 for the Phoenix chapter.  From 1994 to present day, he has coordinated and supervised the monthly mud-slinging on the Pueblo Grande Museum platform mound with both AAS and SWAT member participation.  For the Q Ranch Pueblo Project (1991-2008), he assisted with excavation in the early years and supervised stabilization with Dr. John Hohmann.  Stabilization continued at Q Ranch during 2005, 2006, and 2007 with many AAS members enhancing their stabilization skills thanks to Jim’s supervision.  Jim has organized and supervised the on-going stabilization of the Rim Country Chapter’s Risser Ranch Ruin Project; he has worked as Crew Chief with Dr. Charles Adams on the stabilization of Homolovi ruins I and II; and since 2010 is stabilizing the San Tan Historical Museum along with stabilization of the Desert Wells Stage Stop.

Jim has given presentations to the Phoenix, Rim Country, San Tan, Agave House, Homolovi, Yavapai, Agua Fria, and Ajo chapters and has written numerous reports for AAS.

Jim's award presentation was at the AAS Annual Meeting on Saturday, November 5th, 2016 in the Prescott Club at Stoneridge, Prescott Valley, Arizona. (See annual meeting tab for details regarding the meeting.)

Glenda A. Simmons, 2014/2016 AAS State Chair

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