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October 2016 State Meeting, Prescott Valley

                              Naturally, Cake for the Event   

     The Arizona Archaeology Society (AAS) is a 501-C volunteer organization that celebrated its 50th anniversary in 2014.  AAS State Meetings are held once a year during October with the exception of special meetings such as the vote for bylaws amendment held in 2014.  The locations usually vary each year as the meeting moves to different parts of the state or with different chapters acting as the host organization.  The meeting consist of a business element, archaeological and/or historical oriented tours, possible educational opportunities, guest speaker(s) and other group activities as well as socialization opportunities.     

     For members-only, actual meeting notes from the business and general meetings at the state level meetings are available on the website "Member-Only" section under "Planning Committee" tab toward the bottom of the page or use Fast Link at the top of the Planning Committee page.

News Flash!  2017 Annual Meeting announced in June Petroglyph issue is in a new format and targeted for Saturday, October 28, 2017 at the Pueblo Grande Museum in Phoenix.  News to follow as details evolve...



Highlight from 2016 AAS Annual Meeting:

Quilt Raffle 2015/2016 

The "Quilt Raffle" winner for 2015/2016 fund raiser was Joan Hood of Tucson.

Jim Britton, Avocational Award Presentation 2016

The Arizona Archaeology Society sincerely congratulates Jim Britton as the recipient of the 2016 AAS Avocational Archaeologist Award. Joining AAS in 1988, Jim has completed many AAS certification classes.  He is now an AAS Certified Instructor for the Stabilization and Reconstruction Course (2001 to present).  His area of expertise is adobe and lime mortar preservation and stabilization.  He has organized and presented stabilization workshops during 1997 for the Phoenix chapter.  From 1994 to present day, he has coordinated and supervised the monthly mud-slinging on the Pueblo Grande Museum platform mound with both AAS and SWAT member participation.  For the Q Ranch Pueblo Project (1991-2008), he assisted with excavation in the early years and supervised stabilization with Dr. John Hohmann.  Stabilization continued at Q Ranch during 2005, 2006, and 2007 with many AAS members enhancing their stabilization skills thanks to Jim’s supervision.  Jim has organized and supervised the on-going stabilization of the Rim Country Chapter’s Risser Ranch Ruin Project; he has worked as Crew Chief with Dr. Charles Adams on the stabilization of Homolovi ruins I and II; and since 2010 is stabilizing the San Tan Historical Museum along with stabilization of the Desert Wells Stage Stop.

Jim has given presentations to the Phoenix, Rim Country, San Tan, Agave House, Homolovi, Yavapai, Agua Fria, and Ajo chapters and has written numerous reports for AAS.



AAS Annual Meeting, Prescott Valley. November 4/5/6, 2016

The Executive Board and Planning Committee of AAS, sincerely thanks the Yavapai Chapter for hosting and arranging the 2016 AAS Annual Meeting. Held this year in the Prescott Club Room of the Stoneridge Resort, the facilities, the excellent catering, the variety of field trips as well as the great book sale and silent auction all contributed to a great weekend.

Thanks to the AAS Planning Committee for great agendas, both Friday and Saturday, and for the arranging of some incredible, wonderful speakers who informed and educated us all. We learned much of the Smoki Organization, the history of the Yavapai Prescott People, in addition to receiving some much needed explanations and information regarding legislative issues pertaining to Arizona archaeology. And our evening speaker, Dr. Aaron Wright of Archaeology Southwest kept us enthralled with his discussion of "Along River Margins".

Thank you again Little Colorado Chapter for the beautiful quilt made and donated by Billye Wilda in 2015 as a fundraiser for AAS,  we thank you again for the quilt and the fundraising concept. We understand approx. $1700 was raised!

And last but not least, thank you to all the members who traveled to Prescott  and participated in the 2016 Annual Meeting.

And so we move on to 2017...





The 2016 Annual Meeting promises to be filled with important business, lots of opportunities to learn more about Arizona’s vast prehistoric heritage, great food, and just plain fun! It will be held at the Prescott Club clubhouse in Prescott Valley, the same venue that received rave reviews from those who attended the 2013 annual meeting.

The meeting begins Friday evening, Nov. 4, at 5:00 pm with a Potluck Dinner and meeting for chapter directors and officers at the Smoki Museum’s Pueblo Room. The Chapter Presidents attending this meeting will also elect the Society’s 2017 officers. Word has it that State 1st Vice Chair Sandy Haddock is still looking for someone to take her job! If you’d like to serve, or know someone who might, please contact Sandy via phone (480-612-7727) or email ( as soon as possible.

On Saturday, you’ll have time to buy raffle tickets for the Arizona Archaeology-Themed Quilt Raffle, created by Little Colorado River Chapter member Billy Wilda to benefit the AAS. We will also have our traditional Silent Auction and a Book Sale on Saturday and a variety of Field Trips on Sunday (details forthcoming).

Make sure you register by Oct. 1st!

--Julie Rucker, President, Yavapai Chapter 



Friday, Nov. 4, 2016, 5:00 - 8:00 pm

Smoki Museum, 147 N. Arizona Avenue, Prescott, AZ

All Chapter Directors and Officers Invited 

5:00-6:30 pm: Potluck Reception

Please bring a dish to share, drinks, etc.  (Wine is OK)

Utensils, napkins, plates etc. will be supplied by the Yavapai chapter. 


6:35 - 8:00 pm  AAS Business Meeting

                       2016 Chapter Financial Reports: State Treasurer, Bob Unferth      

                       2017 State Budget Review/Discussion: State Treasurer, Bob Unferth

                       Review/Discussion, Proposal for growth of chapter treasuries: State Treasurer, Bob Unferth

                       Review/Discussion, End-of-Year chapter reports: State 2nd Vice-Chair, Ellie Large

                       Review/Discussion, chapter concerns/problem solving/idea sharing, etc.

                       Election of 2017 State Officers: Outgoing 1st Vice Chair and Nomination Chair, Sandy Haddock

                            Proposed slate of State Board nominees for 2017:

                         Chair:                     Glenda Simmons

                         1st Vice Chair:         Catherine Cowen

                         2nd Vice Chair:         Ellie Large

                         Treasurer:                Bob Unferth

                          Secretary:                  Sandy Gauthier 



Change #1: Article IV, Section 5-A. The change will add "or equivalent experience" at the end of the sentence.

The current text is: Eligibility for all offices requires membership in the Society and, at a minimum, service for at least two years in a Chapter elective office.

The text after the change will be (change is underlined): Eligibility for all offices requires membership in the Society and, at a minimum, service for at least two years in a Chapter elective office or equivalent experience

Reason for change: The society is experiencing a lack of volunteers to fill officer positions on the State Board. Several members who would like to volunteer have not served on their respective chapter boards, but did serve in similar management positions/501c3 board experience before they retired. 

Change #2: Article IV, Section 7.  The change will move the required date of the Annual Meeting from October to December. The phrase "before or on October 31st of each year" will be changed to "on or before December 31st of each year." (change is underlined)  

Reason for change:  There are often conflicts with events of other organizations that our members regularly attend which make scheduling the Annual Meeting in October difficult to impossible. This change will help eliminate those conflicts.

--State Planning Committee 


                     REGISTRATION FOR AAS ANNUAL MEETING, NOV. 4-6, 2016

Prescott Club @ Stoneridge, 1601 N. Bluff Top Drive, Prescott Valley, AZ 86314

NAME (S)  ______________________________________________________________________

Chapter ____________________  Telephone  ______________  Email  ____________________

OFFICERS: Will you be attending the Friday night meeting? Yes ___  No ___ Saturday, Nov. 5th Meals are included in the registration fee: 

Continental Breakfast, Plated Lunch, and Buffet Dinner.

Do you prefer a vegetarian version of the meals? Yes ___

Registration fee is $40 per member. Register by Oct 1st.

Please return this form with check payable to:

Yavapai Chapter Arizona Archaeology Society, P.O. Box 1098, Prescott, AZ 86303

<Registration Form, Click Here>


Prescott Club @ Stoneridge, 1601 N. Bluff Top Drive, Prescott Valley, AZ 86314

Proposed Schedule:

Saturday, Nov. 5:

8:00 am:  Registration, continental breakfast etc., sign up for field trips etc.

9:00 am:  Welcome AAS State Chair, Glenda Simmons and Host Chapter President, Julie Rucker

               Announce Traveling Quilt Raffle tickets on sale by the Little Colorado Chapter representative, host chapter book sale and                raffle

               Roll Call of attending chapters/Members at Large: AAS State Chair, Glenda Simmons 

9:10 am:  AAS Business Meeting 

               Introduction of 2017 elected State Officers: outgoing AAS State 1st Vice Chair, Sandy Haddock

               2016 Financials: AAS State Treasurer, Bob Unferth

               2016 Certification Committee Reports/Recommendations: AAS State Certification Chair, Chuck Jenkins

               2016 Membership Report:  AAS State Membership Chair, Sylvia Lesko (or her representative)

               2016 Arizona Archaeologist Publications:  AAS State Arizona Archaeologist Chair, Bill Burkett

               Presentation of 2016 AAS Avocational Award to Jim Britton: AAS State Chair, Glenda Simmons

11:15 am: BREAK

11:30 am: Morning Speaker, Cindy Gresser, Executive Director, Smoki Museum, Prescott: History of the Smoki and Prescott Valley                  Area

12:15 pm: BREAK

12:30 pm: LUNCH, Served on Site

  1:35 pm: Speaker#1, Lindo Ogo, Culture Research Director for the Yavapai-Prescott Indian Tribe.  Linda will speak about the                        history and culture of the Yavapai-Prescott people.  

  2:40 pm: Legislative Reports as they pertain to archaeology: Arizona Sierra Club, Sandy Bahr (with Q & A)

  3:15 pm: BREAK

  3:35 pm: Speaker#2, Jerry Erhardt, Verde Valley Chapter: Governor Goodwin’s and Woolsey’s Expedition through the Verde Valley                  to the Salt River.

  5:00 pm: No-host bar (and an opportunity to finalize silent auction items and book sales)


  7:20 pm: Evening Speaker, Dr. Aaron Wright, Research Associate, Archaeology Southwest: Dr. Wright's topic is 'Along River                          Margins, The Archaeology of Cultural Edges in Southwestern Arizona'

  8:20 pm: Drawing of Quilt Raffle Winner

               Silent auction and book sale completion (monies etc.): Yavapai Chapter

  9:00 pm: Conclusion and thanks: AAS State Chair, Glenda Simmons 


Silent Auction: Items are needed for the Silent Auction. Donations from all members are welcome. Contact Chuck Stroh of the Yavapai chapter at charlesstroh@yahoo.comif you have something to donate. 

Book Sale: We will also have a book sale, also a tradition at state meetings, with proceeds going to the Yavapai chapter. Contact Chris Cone at if you have books to donate.

Sunday, Nov. 6: Field Trips

Sunday will be devoted to field trips. The Prescott region features a wide array of ancient sites, including extensive pueblos, spectacular rock art, and some of the finest museums in the state. These will all be featured, enabling you to choose from a wide-ranging menu of possible field experiences to make sure you can participate in exactly the kind of activity you desire. Details will be forthcoming soon.


Flo Reynolds of the Yavapai Chapter has arranged for State Meeting discounts at four hotels very close to the meeting site. You must make your reservation by October 4 to receive these special AAS rates, except for the Forest Villas Hotel. There’s no cutoff date for the Forest Villas.

Arizona Inn, 7875 Hwy 69, Prescott Valley. $58 + tax. 877-709-7784.  (This is an older motel undergoing renovations scheduled to                    be done by November.)

Forest Villas Hotel, 3645 Lee Circle, Prescott. $80 + tax. 800-223-3449. 

Hampton Inn of Prescott, 3453 Ranch Drive, Prescott. $94 + tax. 928-443-5500

Holiday Inn Express, 3454 Ranch Drive, Prescott $94 + tax.  928-445-8900. 


NEWS RELEASE:  Early announcement of those receiving recognition by AAS for professional and avocational archaeology in 2016 later this year was made by Glenda Simmons in July.  Awards are usually presented in the fall each year.

2016 AAS Professional Archaeologist Award - Dr. David Abbott

2016 AAS Avocational Archaeologist Award - Jim BrittonB

The Society extends its thanks and gratitude to these worthy winners and looks forward to many more years of participation in our Society with presentation details t follow as soon as they are arranged. 

Our congratulations today go to Dr. Abbott and to Jim Britton.  In addition, we sincerely thank them for their participation and commitment to the Arizona Archaeological Society.

Glenda A. Simmons, 2014/2016 AAS State Chair




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